Snow Bird 24 1/2 LBS Flour Sack


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This is an original sewn flour sack of the Snow Bird brand. The sack is 12 inches wide by 25 inches long. The front of the flour sack reads: ” Net Weight When Packed 24 1/2 LBS., Snow Bird Brand, Winter Wheat Patent Flour, Made by A. J. Keiser Flour Mills, Mt. Olive, ILL, Bemis St. Louis, Snow Bird.”

The back of the flour sack reads: “Snow Bird Brand Winter Wheat Flour, Is Recommended for the making of various pastries, cake, biscuit, pie crust, doughnuts, crackers and dumplings. The crumb of the baking will be found more fragile and less shortening required than when ordinary hard wheat bread flour is used, Also for Bread Baking is equal or Superior to a hard Winter or Spring Wheat Flour, Made by A.J. Keiser Flour Mills, Mt. Olive, ILL U.S.A.”