Sunbonnet Sue Signature Quilt Blocks


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Set of 9 complete Sunbonnet Sue blocks that have names embroidered. In addition, there is one complete block without a name; 3 complete Sues with the names in pencil but not embroidered; 3 Sues that are not embroidered and no name. Names include Lil. Dunkelman, Helen Cole, Sally Bianco, Jessie Carter, Betty Zemo, Thelma Davis, Ruth Allen, Emma Jones, Florence Purser, Minnie Ainsworth, Ann Osslo, and Erma Sayers. While the prints are bright and clean, the off-white blocks are yellow and/or lightly soiled. Some of the blocks were machine stitched to a purple strip which has been removed. The blocks were not completed into a quilt. While the white background is soiled and has some small brown spots, the blocks are delightful. The embroidery on the hats really adds to the charm.

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