Large Ivory Leaves Scheurer Fabric Sample


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This sample piece was purchased from an auction in Paris and came from the famous Scheurer Company which was one of Europe’s great textile printers based in Mulhouse in Alsace, France. The ivory leaves are out lined in olive green and have yellow highlights. The space between the large leaves has smaller pink leaves. One edge has small holes where the piece was attached to the sample book. This is a 32 by 29.5 inch piece. The label in the bottom right hand corner reads “Fabrication Garancée – Garantie  – Grand Teint – Procédé Scheurer Lauth & Cie – 15813 S – Granité”. The back of this piece has “Deposé Registered” written with some sort of red pen. The red has transferred to the very bottom of the front of the piece and another area above the label. There is some soiling along the edges of this piece. This sample piece is about 10 inches longer than most of the Scheurer pieces in this collection.